Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kayaking on Lake Yonah, today....

This is my dad...he's 81. He loves to kayak. Heck, he loves the water,
always has, always will.  From one end of the lake to the other is
2 1/2 miles. So that's a 5 mile round trip in 95 degree temperature.
I worked to keep up with him.  He said he was trying to keep up with
me....(He was just being nice.)
There are very few men over 80 who are in as good shape as he is.
It drives him crazy that he's "slowing down".  You're 81, Dad.  It's
ok.  I figure if I live to be 81, I hope I have at least half the endurance
that he has.  He's awesome.

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