Monday, July 4, 2011

Stirring the pot a little


Birth is a guaranteed cash cow for local hospitals. Therefore,
they don't like homebirth, which is a safe and much more enjoy-
able experience, because this cuts into their profit

Regrettably, mothers are conditioned to fear birth
by the medical establishment and even other mothers
who go on about how their labor was 4 billion years
long. Birth, in our country, is treated like a pathology
instead of a normal function of the woman's body.
Women are designed quite well for this process. Now,
if a man were pregnant, then it should be treated as
a pathology. The medical establishment, as a whole,
undermines the mother's confidence to go thru this
process and trains her to doubt herself. Fear is induced
in her thinking. This causes her to become tense and
makes the labor much harder.

On occasion, a hospital is necessary. But as a rule,
homebirth is safer.

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