Monday, July 4, 2011

Who says midwives aren't awesome?!


Below are some of her comments on the pics: (notice the sock monkey on the top of the car in one pic!!) 
Tomorrow, at the Barnyard 400 Race, the red Ford Escort with the number "10" on it may possibly be driven by me! Sponsored by Faithful Guardians Midwifery Service. My sister, Donna Forcia has been known to say that I drive like an old lady....when I wasn't an old lady! Ashlee Marie ODell-Maxfield thinks I should do it!
 Here's my car! Jeff did such a great job on it! When we arrived we had more to do to it and it looked like I wouldn't be racing. But Jeff is not a quitter (he's been known to say, "Can't never could!"). And the other guys were great about helping. One guy went to work on the airbag and I saw him come walking over to Jeff with it in his, "Is this the part you wanted me to rip out for you?!" The encouragement they all gave was awesome.
I got talked into doing the last heat - "The Grudge Heat" and guess what?! I came in first!! I got purposely T-boned when there were only 2 of us left and for a split second I thought I was done! Then my brain said, "Get going!!" or maybe it was the crowd and so I took off and left that guy in the dust! It was a scary blast, that's for sure!
You all may be over this, but I will not be for a long time! And so here is another picture - I have tried uploading it since last night and it wouldn't go using my phone. This one shows where I took the hit in the Grudge Heat - the one that I was in, w/out having a grudge against anyone....until he hit me! He had fun coming over a...nd chatting with me and razing me about it afterwards, too! I said, "Were you just messing with me for fun before you let me win?" He smiled and said, "NO! I was trying to get you out of my *expletive* way!!" Well, I guess I showed him! Maybe a demolition derby is next!

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