Saturday, July 9, 2011

The piano player

When she plays

Sometimes she peeks around the notes,
            checking  to see who is there.
Then there are times as you carefully listen
            you can hear her heart whisper
            amongst the varied notes.
It's not her fingers that play the keys
            but it is her heart.
One can hear her very life begin to pour
            itself into the notes and around the notes.
Her heart gives the music life, giving it
            a resonating beauty.
Her sorrows and joys flesh out the keys,
            causing the music to burst
            even as a flood that rolls through
            the valley and then subsides;
But her music springs forth life and peace
            washing the worried soul of its cares
            leaving one quiet and rested.

And so I sit, trying not to be noticed,
            enjoying this rendition of her soul.
A time to treasure and remember to the very end....

Dad,  February 23, 2008

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