Thursday, July 14, 2011

 Words to Deer Island

Here are some words written...

The sun lay without words on the pier
        with only waves of sand at the pilings.
A ramshackle hut,
        within only cobwebs of bitter dusk,
    Falls into the marsh;
And a raccoon,
        unseen on a path,
   Finds a key to the lock on the door-
        but leaves it aside...

A youth walks the beach in search of shells
        washed up by the ceaseless tides,
but they only bring  driftwood from forgotten days
        claimed by the sea
                           the year of '69.

The trees are alight
       (as trees prior to an unnoticed death)
In the amber hue of the slipping sun;
And the sight offers but an emptiness.
western Deer stabs the sun;
       yet, an Islander eases eastward
    on the evening's whispered wind.

Eastern Deer lay to the shadows
       born by today;
And a campfire is to the eyes
       a hope for tomorrow.

By me...

1 comment:

  1. first two lines....brilliant!! I like the racoon too.